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We at Akansha Agarwal Spa, Bangalore, Offers best body massage services by our gorgeous female therapists. Call us now for a full body massage services and we are ready to help give you very good body massage relaxation therapy. We are equipped with modern ambience and dim light almost dark it gives you soothing comfortable feeling along with our hot therapists also we have steam bath facility.

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Sandwich Massage in Bangalore

The four hands erotic massage or sandwich massage is for those men seeking for double pleasure. In this package, two beauties act as your massage therapists. Try and visualize getting stimulated by four hands. Additionally, two gorgeous massage mistresses get to rub their naked bodies against your own before they wind up with happy ending. Now, that will give you intense pleasure relaxation. Full service done.

The Finest Erotic Massage Bangalore To Offer

Here at Akansha Agarwal Spa, we specialise in providing the ultimate sensual massage Bangalore has to offer. Whichever type of sexy massage you’re in the mood for, Akansha Agarwal Spa has an extensive range of adult massage experiences for you to choose from. Our unique sensual massages are designed to free your mind and invigorate your body. Call us today to book your perfect erotic session.

We pride ourselves on making sure that we provide our clients with the most beautiful well trained massage girls available for luxurious sensual massage in Bangalore. All our massage girls are not only highly skilled and trained in the ancient art of Tantra, but also in modern body to body massage. You can visit our ladies at one of our many erotic massage Bangalore locations, we promise an unrivalled erotic massage experience that you will never forget.

Akansha Agarwal's Spa Branches in Bangalore

Banaswadi Address:

Akansha Agarwal Spa, HRBR Layout, Banaswadi, Bangalore - Pin 560043.

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Landmark : Near Omshakthi Temple

Indiranagar Address:

Akansha Agarwal Spa, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore - Pin 560038.

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Landmark : Near Domlur Bridge Airtel office and Near to Leela Palace Hotel

Kammanahalli Address:

Akansha Agarwal Spa, Nehru Road, Kammanahalli, Bangalore - Pin 560043.

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Landmark : Near Empire Hotel 

JP Nagar Address:

Akansha Agarwal Spa, 

JP Nagar, 3rd Phase, 

Bangalore - 560072

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Landmark : Near Sony Center

Marathahalli Address

Akansha Agarwal Spa,

AECS Layout, Kundalahalli Main Road,

Marathahalli, Bangalore- 560037

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Landmark : Near Cosmos Mall

Hebbal Address

Akansha Agarwal Spa,

Kempapura Main Road,

Hebbal, Bangalore- 560037

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Landmark : Near Esteem Mall and Sindhi College

Massage Experiences: 

So first a little brief about myself. I’m 22 and with no real kind of experience with a female. From a long time I wanted to visit a spa/massage parlor to get this curiosity out of my system about getting physical with a female. This dream turned into reality when one of my good friend, let’s call him JJ, suggested that I should try out this massage parlor at a good locality in Bangalore. At first I was really excited and told him yes on the spot but later on I got the jitters and kept declining him for a few months. All that time I was thinking why should I pay for sex its degrading to me and the woman, but then my friend told me in humor that in real life also we men pay for sex which is what we all really want in the end. We buy gifts, dinner and rings etc. , go through all that bullshit just to get laid. So I laughed but it did make sense so I agreed to go the next time around, after all it was just another experience.

So now cut to the D Day, me and JJ catch a cab and get down at Indiranagar, we pay the cabbie and JJ leads me to this lane which seems quite crowded then we enter one narrow byline which leads to another until we reach this small building. Now I’m really getting nervous and excited. It was a very old kind of building with no lift and very narrow stairs so we climb up till the 3rd floor all the while passing offices where the security was giving us glances like he knew we were gonna get laid. Finally passing all the judgmental looks we end up on the top floor where a big poster “Rose Massage parlor” (name changed) greeted us. There was only one door and we entered and by now I was really nervous.

Once inside, the reception area was really small with two small cushioned sofas and a desk behind which the manager was watching some movie. He greeted JJ and JJ introduced me to him and we took our seat on the sofa. No signs of any girls here in this area. JJ told me to wait while he disappeared behind a door to meet someone. I was nervously sipping the water and watching the movie when JJ reappeared and asked me to go inside. I asked him if he was coming he said no he will wait. This made me nervous and I asked him to also take the services, he agreed.

Now we both entered the door behind which was a very narrow space and on either sides there were two small cabins with a door each. At each of these 4 doors was a female standing out of which JJ suggested me a particular female he had tried before. I nervously agreed even without looking at the other females properly and she led me inside the cabin while JJ entered the one opposite to mine. He gave me a naughty smile and gave me a few instructions before closing his door.

Inside my cabin, it was quite small with one single bed to lie down on, very similar to one in a doctor’s dispensary. There were a few clothes hanging on the wall and a couple of shelves on which there was tissue paper and various oils, the cabin also had an AC. I waited nervously and very excited sitting on this bed and just the anticipation made me hard in my undies. Then she entered, let’s call her Riya. Riya entered the cabin and gave me a smile and asked me a few questions to break the ice. Then she told me the payment conditions which JJ had also explained. She told me to pay 4K upfront which I gave her and she again left to pay the manager. Now I was getting rock hard, Riya was just average looking but had a great body I could make out from her tight clothing.

Now she reappeared and again gave a chuckle asking me “kapde nikale nahi abhi tak?” and I smiled sheepishly and removed my shirt and jeans keeping my undies on while she was putting a thin blanket on the bed. I put my wallet and phone on the empty shelf while she removed a towel and asked me to tie it around my waist. I complied and wore it, now my dick was so hard it was clearly poking the towel. Riya asked me to lie down and I mounted the bed and lay down while she stood beside me.

Then she told me the types of massages available, hard medium or soft. Hard massage was with oil and medium was with cream and soft with powder. I opted for soft so she went to the shelf to take the powder. i got a glimpse of her ass in jeans again my dick gave two three thrusts as if to burst out of my undies. She now dimmed the lights and started the AC and came near the bed to my side. i could just barely see her top half and her face but her legs were not visible. She popped the powder can and got a handful in both palms.

Now comes the intimate part i was waiting for so long. She gently grabs my calves and starts massaging my calves for some time. I am liking her soft hands on my hairy legs. After years some female was touching my skin and massaging it felt really nice especially due to her soft hands. After spending some time on my calves she proceeded towards my thighs and I instantly became much more sensitive to her soft hands all over my fleshy insides of my thighs just teasingly away from my now throbbing dick. All this time she says nothing just gently massages my legs and teases me by playing with the area between my abdomen and thighs but never touching my privates. After some tenderer massaging I guess she knew my dick was begging for attention but I was shy so i was not saying anything. She smiled and asked me if it’s my first time and I embarrassingly said yes. She replied by saying “isliye itna time laga rahe ho” and smiled.

Then she grabbed my hand and swiftly placed it on her back while she kept massaging very close to my dick and purposely putting a finger or two under my undies and touching my balls. Then as told by JJ that something like this would happen I hesitantly started feeling her curvy back, feeling her back all over while feeling her bra strap under her shirt. This went on for a while and I got more ambitious and moved toward her front. Now I got a grope of one of her breast. I could feel her bra cup and the soft breast inside it and pressed very gently. This was a great feeling and i always wanted to feel those soft female breasts and I felt liberated that finally i got to second base.

Now after we were over the formalities and I had become a little bolder towards her body, she spoke finally after these intense few minutes passed. She told me that if I wanted to explore more I had to pay some service charges extra. She quoted 500 for topless and handjob and 1000 for fully naked and handjob. I opted for only topless but she very convincingly made me take the full naked option so I complied with her. She seemed happy about this and removed the towel from my waist and grabbed my cock which was pumping hard under my undies. At this point i took the initiative to grab both of her boobs and started pressing and just feeling her entire top body just like a curious excited child. Getting the hint from my advances she turned around and removed her shirt to hang it. She was now only in her black bra and had a slim stomach and nice waist curves. I felt her on her curvy sides and back while she unhooked and removed her bra. I could get a full view of her tight back now and held her from the sides with a firmer grip. I could feel myself turning from shy and hesitant to more bold and bolder with her every undressing. Maybe it was my cock controlling me now and the testosterone was in full flow that I got all the confidence to grab her.

Now she turned around and i could for the first time get a full view of her breasts uncovered. They were very perky not sagging but were smaller than average size. I could not make it out in the less visibility so i grabbed one boob and started feeling it when I felt her nipple. My god it was one of those puffy extra-long nipples I always wanted in my mouth. This was like a dream come true and i took her nipples between my fingers and pinched and pulled them very gently. She had such a sexy figure from the waist up with her flat stomach, curvy sides and perfect nipples on perky tits and also a sexy back.

She then again turned to remove her jeans. Just imagine my dick it was getting extremely fired up with all this, but I had masturbated before coming so that I can enjoy more by cumming late but after looking at her body every vein in my dick was pumping blood in full flow. She unhooked her jeans and lowered her pants to remove them. I could see her panties now. They were a mix of black and pink with some laces. I took the liberty, now that i had surprised myself by being so bold, I grabbed her ass while she hung her jeans. To be honest her ass was not that great it was rather flat and this was a little disappointing since I am an ass lover. So i was so turned off i totally ignored her ass and moved to her legs. I felt her thighs for a while in turn teasing her by playing with the region just around her pussy.

Now she was fully naked and by my bed side. I was like a horny teen feeling every part of her body and she had moved to powder my chest to give a massage. This went on for some while she put her hands all over my chest. Then she went on to do something i always wanted to experience. I love playing with my nipples and before i could ask her she came down and licked both my nipples and pinched them. God it was amazing i felt my temperature go up I was so heated up my dick couldn’t take it, i wanted to press my dick against her body so bad that i almost pulled her on the bed. Getting the hint that i was now fully in sex mode she hopped on the bed and lay down next to me.

I grabbed her in my arms and my legs locked her legs and our undies were against each other. I hugged her and began feeling my entire body against hers and thrusting my cock against her pussy and damn it felt great. I was now getting much bolder and in control and she was allowing me more liberties. I lay her on her back and sat up on her gently with my cock throbbing on her pussy only our innerwear between us. With both hands I groped her boobs while kissing her right up from her belly to between her boobs. Now the tables had turned I was so excited I was doing things to her than her to me. She stopped her activity and lay still and allowed me to explore every inch of her body. I started kissing her almost everywhere her waist legs face neck and between her boobs. Then i proceeded to do what i was so long waiting for. I grabbed her breasts tightly so that her long puffy nipples pointed outwards and proceeded to suck on them. Once in my mouth my tongue flicked it and played around her nipple area. Her puffy nipples were very soft almost like elastic rubber as they stretched while i sucked till they popped out of my mouth and then repeated it again and again until i had sucked to my heart’s desire. Maybe it was my imagination but she was also now getting into the mood and liking the fact that I was so fascinated by her entire body. I could see her arch up every time i flicked her nipples rapidly with my tongue. It was her pressing against my cock now instead of me as we rubbed our privates against each other.

Now she had given me freedom over her body so i told her to flip around and she complied. I proceeded to smooch her entire back and on her panties my lips against her ass then onto her thighs and finally licked the back of her knee area to which she was so sensitive she giggled. My cock was getting uncontrollable i had to satisfy it by grabbing her entirely while i was on top of her and humping my cock against her soft ass. This relived some pressure but then too i lay still in a tight hug with her below me and the entire region above my legs firmly pressed against her soft body. She was lying down giving out little moans in my ear. Next i proceeded to play with her ass and i just had to get a whiff of her pussy so i removed her panties until her knees then grabbed her soft ass with each hand and spread it out and dig my nose in her privates. Damn it was such an intoxicating smell there was something about it maybe the wetness inside her pussy caused it or the sweat around her asshole and pussy but it was heavenly i just kept sniffing like a wild dog. Now I guess she was worried and knew i was getting extremely adventurous and very turned on so she flipped over onto her back and for a brief moment i could see her hairy natural pussy before she took a towel and put it to cover her area. It was good she did that or else i would have definitely dived in and licked her pussy which would be a little risky for both of us. Now i controlled my instincts and came back to reality so i slowed down thinking about this and sat beside her in thinking what to do next.
It was now that she asked me to lie down and told me “mai upar aati hu” and proceeded in the same position i was a while back which is on top of me. She finally dragged my undies down and i followed up by removing them entirely. Now my cock was on full display fully erect and throbbing very hard my balls became firm and ready to shoot the load on command. She lowered her soft ass on my thighs and put a towel between her pussy and my dick as a barrier. I didn’t know what was coming so i was getting horny by anticipation. Then she came a little forward and interlocked my fingers with hers while i help her up. She proceeded to put her entire weight forward and on my dick and started to dry hump in full flow. This made my dick burn as my penis head is very sensitive so i begged to slowdown and she quickly complied. She understood my problem and with her soft hands for the first time grabbed my pulsating cock and lowered my foreskin to expose my pink head. She quickly got some oil and applied it on my penis head started rubbing it all over. I swear i would have shot my load till the ceiling so i pushed her hand away gently and she understood. Now she was not allowed to play with my dick so she focused her attention on my balls. She slide back her ass and sat on my knees so she could lower her head till my balls. Just the warm breath of her mouth made my balls tingly.

Now came the best part of the entire experience for me. I had not experienced how a tongue feels on private areas ever in my life. She opened her mouth and gently licked my balls with her moist wet tongue. That made me so sensitive I can’t express in words it was an extremely amazing feeling and now i understood that why a blowjob when done correctly is the best feeling in this world. Due to safety reasons she did not take my penis near her mouth but my balls were getting all the amazing licks of hers. Every time her super warm soft and wet and wriggly tongue touched my balls it felt so great my entire lower body arched up in the air due to the pleasure. This was the best feeling i had ever experienced and now i wonder what effect that same mouth would have had on my dick, man i would have cum in an instant if that happened.

Now she was showing all her skills with her mouth and was first licking and sucking my balls for some time and proceeding to kiss my body all the way till my nipple and doing the same licking and sucking there for some time and going back down to my balls. This passage of time was the absolute best for me as my nipples and balls were getting full deluxe service. At this point i was just lying down and experiencing the best feeling of my life with closed eyes. i was now totally in trance and her every lick or suck was giving my body involuntary spasms . Imagine her skills that i had submitted my body to her command. I had become so sensitive to her touch i was laying still and now i think she knew it was time to relieve me of the pressure of all my cum which had built up and just needed a little more stimulation to open the gates and explode out.

Now she carefully lay down near me. She pressed her tits firmly against my chest and she faced down and her neck pressing on my neck while she locked my legs with hers and then finally proceeded to give my dick the attention it was craving for from the start. She grabbed my cock fully but not too firmly and started slowing stroking it all the way from base to shaft. I just wanted to be in this position forever with boobs against me and me grabbing her ass. She started intensifying the pace now. I could feel all my cum building up just ready to shoot. I closed my eyes and let her take control of this ride of my life. And then i burst out with my cum flying out and spurting all over the bed and her legs but she still kept a firm grab but lowered the pace now. She was determined to remove the last drop out of me and by this time my entire back had been arched way above the bed and i had blanked out due to the sheer pleasure. Slowly i came back to my senses while i felt her boobs sliding off my chest and she hopped off the bed. I was one very satisfied man at that point of time. With that cum i felt my entire load from years of built up frustration had eventually burst on this sexy lady next to me.

Now the post sex period she turned on the light and finally i get to see her entire body in bright light. She had a dark brown skin tone and her nipples were also dark brown and had a dark ass. Now we both dressed and i paid her for her services and she asked me if i liked it and will i come again to which i gave a definite yes! While i left i saw JJ was already done and was waiting for me outside. He gave me a sly smile. He was chatting with a gorgeous and very fair female who looked extremely sexy overall. I was stunned and while leaving i told JJ i had a great experience with this dark babe but next time i am definitely going in for this light skinned tight hot babe. And then while climbing down the stairs i got a boner just thinking about next time with this chick!!

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